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Professional Coach: John Beljean


Be More Effective In Your Business and Your Life

Discover The Benefits of Being Valued, Supported and Heard…….

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My Success Formula


Experience the freedom of being valued and supported and truly heard


Discover and create a pathway to professional and personal success


Take the subtle and not so subtle actions necessary to create a more balanced, effective and satisfying life and career

Highway to Happiness

Results You’ve Been Looking For

Establish Personal and Professional Balance

-Identify, clarify and effect the changes that can bring about a more balanced, satisfying and productive career as well as life.

Create a Vision and Plan for Your Business & Life

The process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities

Identify and Move Past Your Blind Spots

-Those areas of business and life that we either ignore or don’t realize exist yet hinder you in achieving the outcomes you desire.

Enhance Your Communication Skills

Confidently determine what you want to say and how you want to say it. Learn how to communicate in a way that moves your audience toward your objective.

Walk & Talk

Experience the openness and focus that only nature provides. Local and regional clients benefit from a fun and unique coaching experience that occurs on my 1-1 Walk & Talk sessions.

A Partner and Sounding Board

Many business owners and executives feel isolated and alone as they suffer from not having an outlet to bounce ideas and thoughts off.

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Feeling stuck in your own business?

You created it with a vision, an energy and passion but it just doesn’t feel that way anymore? You’re doing well but the business is just not where you expected it to be. You’re spending more time at work attempting to rekindle your passion and desire. Does it work? Not often. And there is a […]




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