Feeling stuck in your own business?

Written by on March 15, 2019

You created it with a vision, an energy and passion but it just doesn’t feel that way anymore?

You’re doing well but the business is just not where you expected it to be. You’re spending more time at work attempting to rekindle your passion and desire. Does it work? Not often. And there is a cost….. More time at work, means more time away from family, friends and loved ones.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, it’s time to break old patterns, recharge your batteries and let your company reap the benefits. How do you do that? Its simple…..Leave your business! Yep! Each day leave your business, get outside and refocus.

I’d like to offer you a technique that I personally use and suggest to my coaching clients. When I feel stuck or trapped in my office, I change my environment and patterns. I get outside and visit a nearby park, hike on a trail or sit by a pond. I direct my focus on recent successes versus the natural tendency to focus on “what I didn’t get done”. That’s the game changer! Coming from an abundance mindset versus a scarcity mindset enables your vision, focus and passion to reset and flourish. Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

I’ve designed a Walk & Talk program to refocus my coaching clients. I choose a narrow-canopied trail to start our walk. The narrowness of the trail encourages my clients to focus and I ask they direct their attention to their recent business and personal accomplishments. Within a few minutes of walking, we arrive in a wide-open field. The open feeling supports my clients to create and generate new ideas and fresh approaches for themselves as well as their business. We return on the narrow trail focusing on what my client will accomplish in the next week and the best ways for me to support them.

If you don’t have a trail near you to help you focus, here is a simple hack: get outside and engage one of your human senses for 5 minutes. I ask that you are 100% attentive to it. It’s a great way for you to declutter your thoughts and be open to creating.

For instance, engage your sense of hearing. Close your eyes and concentrate on a single sound. It may be a fountain in a small urban park, a bird chirping or even other people’s voices. Other options to try: Sight…..look for a particular color such as a shade of orange in the fall; Smell……concentrate on a particular scent that you enjoy such as the smell of springtime in the air; Touch……feel the terrain under your feet as you walk; Taste……enjoy a vanilla ice cream cone and notice the flavor on your palate. Observe how your mind responds when you focus and eliminate thoughts that don’t benefit and motivate you. Are you more open to new ideas? Concepts?

Interested in seeing how creating a fresh focus will benefit you personally and professionally? I encourage you to contact me for a FREE Walk & Talk session or a 30 minute coaching experience.

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