Listening versus Hearing

Written by on May 20, 2019

Two words that are often looked at as synonyms. Both are similar yet are drastically different.

As a business coach, I view listening as focusing on the delivery and the words that come from an individual’s mouth. Hearing is identifying the emotion, meaning feeling behind the words and delivery. That’s where you uncover the real message. That’s when people feel heard!

In business, when employees feel that they are not heard by their superiors, it can lead to a resentment of management, withdrawal and a lack of productivity. That’s a major reason why employees leave and seek employment elsewhere. Leaving you with the time expense and monetary expense of hiring and training a new employee.  That’s not good for the bottom line of any organization.

As a business owner, how do you know if you’re in listening mode or hearing mode? Next time you are speaking with an employee, check-in and ask yourself: “Right now, am I listening and assuming I know what they are going to say while mentally planning my response or am I totally present and hearing their message?”

Making people feel heard takes practice and a little more time and patience, but the bottom line rewards to your business are worth it! Try it out this week.

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