Coaching vs Consulting

Coaches and consultants have very different approaches

Often, I am asked what the difference between a Coach and a Consultant is. They are both similar in their desire for their clients to get the best results possible, and more!

Yet coaches and consultants have very different approaches to achieving those results.

Coach JB

Works on a one-to-one basis; may coach more than one person in an organization, individually.

Supports and challenges the client to achieve her or his own result or outcome

Builds on the client's strengths

Empowers the client to solve problems

Brings relationship expertise to support the client's solutions

Focuses on individual and interpersonal dynamics and supports behavior change

Facilitates and encourages personal growth

Coaches over a period of time that generally involves renewable contracts; focuses on long-term result


Even when one person is the main client contact, the consultant usually works with more than one person, often in a team, group, board, or department

Structures projects for specific deliverable or result, which the consultant is primarily responsible for

Usually problem-focused, i.e., identifies and tries to correct problems or weaknesses

Solves problems for the client

Brings technical expertise to advise on solutions

Generally does not get involved If behavior change is needed

Gathers data and reports on what needs to be done

Has limited-time; generally short-term and project-oriented results

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