What is Coaching?

It's a lot easier to understand through experience

Many times I am asked by prospective clients to describe what coaching is. I have a tough time doing that and have come to realize that coaching is difficult to describe or explain. I’ve found that it is one of those things that is difficult to define, and a lot easier to understand through experience. Similar to the concept of balance while riding a bike.

A coach helps you to get the natural talents that you already have, rise to the surface, and jump into action.

An unbiased set of eyes whose sole intention is for you to be the best and most effective person, in business and life that you can be. Think about sports or the theater. A majority of successful athletes and actors all have a coach.


Picture a helicopter above the woods. Often my clients are ‘stuck’ and not sure which way to go or even if there is someplace to go. As your coach, I am the helicopter above the woods. Through our conversation, I am able to see the paths that may not be visible to you or may seem like too far of a stretch. Together, we’ll determine the best route to take but ultimately….. it will be your choice.


As any good clothing consultant would do, my job is to bring you jackets that fit your needs. It’s your best interest to see which one fits the best.

They often find that it is very isolated at the top and they don’t always have someone to strategize with; someone to bounce their ideas and thoughts off of, and even vent their complaints to.

That’s where a coach comes in. A non judgmental and impartial set of ears.

Do you need a coach?  I’ve found that coaching is certainly not for everyone, but I have also found that those that do embrace coaching, are willing to invest the time and effort, see gains in individual productivity, overall effectiveness, annual income AND quality free time to spend with the family.


Interested in the concept of coaching but still not quite sure?  I’d like to invite you to experience the benefits of a coaching session……free of charge.




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